A new non-alcoholic spirit to the market......FERAGAIA

A handcrafted, small batch, alcohol-free spirit distilled from 14 land and sea botanicals in a pot still. Modern life requires speed, that is why Feragaia’s process takes over two months from land & sea to your glass. Time optimises the extraction of natural flavours, which are then hand blended, cut with Scottish water and rested to achieve Feragaia’s characterful depth of flavour. At 0.0% ABV – Feragaia does not compromise and use alcohol in its process. Pioneers of a new era of alcohol-free Scottish distillation – It is a true alcohol-free spirit.


50ml Feragaia / 4/6 Muddled blackberries / 15ml Lemon / Topped with ginger ale / Crushed ice / Garnish with 2 blackberries


25ml or 50ml Feragaia / 20ml Ginger and honey syrup / 15ml Lemon juice / Top-up ginger ale / Garnish with candied ginger

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