Santa Digna Non-alcoholic Wines and what they stand for................

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The stone crosses standing on the borders of lands were called Santa Digna. These crosses were used to mark boundaries and symbolized good luck and protection for those setting off for remote lands.

The image of Santa Digna retains the purest aspects of their identity, bringing together the prosperity and simplicity of the Chilean project. It reflects the combination of its origin (a cross representing prosperity) with the Latin American Andean cross, in appreciation of the continent and the culture that welcomed them for more than 30 years ago.

Santa Digna de-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc is created in the Valle Central region of Chile by Miguel Torres Chile. Santa Digna de-alcoholised wine is the worlds first wine to be branded as Fair Trade.


Fair Trade is a trading relationship based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that aims to achieve greater equity in international trade.

Miguel Torres Chile is one of the leading Fair Trade winery of Chile, with their leading line of wines certified to fair trade standards. Their goal of achieving greater equality in international commerce and providing a high quality consumer product produced under conditions of transparency and respect between companies and their workers is realized.

The fair trade standards stem from three central pillars: Pay fair value for raw materials, provide decent working conditions for collaborators, preserve the environment. Each of these are audited externally by the IMO, a Swiss organization which oversees the International Fair Trade certification.

Caring for and protecting the environment has always been a prime developmental focus for the winery, which, as a family business, understands that the future of the company is strongly linked to caring for our surroundings. That is why the core issues concerning the environment are climate change (energy and GHG generation), caring for water, waste and resources, organic production, and biodiversity.

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