Palmero Amarino - The non-alcoholic version of Aperol

The Spritz Veneziano is based on a spritzer, a mixture of equal parts of wine and sparkling water. The spritzer was a 19th century drink, drunk in Venice by Austrians. The wine in Venice had a much higher alcohol percentage than Austrian win, so to reduce the alcohol percentage water was added to the Italian wine. Over the years, other ingredients have been added to the Spritz to make the drink a little more upscale.

Because there is no alcohol-free Aperol, the alternative to create an alcohol-free Aperol Spritz would be Palermo Amarino. Color wise, Palermo Amarino is identical to Apérol, but it does taste slightly sweeter. . In addition to Aperol, Prosecco is also used in an Aperol Spritz, which should be replace with an alcohol-free sparkling wine that is not too sweet. Blue Nun Sparkling or Opia Sparkling would be ideal.

Ingredients to make Spritz Vereziano:

60mls. Non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

40 mrs Palermo Amarino

Sparkling water

Ice cubes

What to do:

Fill glass with ice, pour non-alcoholic sparkling wine and Palermo Amarino on the ice cubes.

Fill the glass with a small amount of sparkling water.

Garnish with half a slice of orange in the glass. ample drink but very refreshing a hot summers night, at a BBQ or a romantic setting.

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