What is your favourite style of beer?

Need some help decoding the style of beers that are available in the non-alcoholic ranges. Well here's a list of beers and what the name really tastes like. Bookmark it, save it, pull it up on your smart phone the next time you're looking for your favourite non-alcoholic beer and are facing that important choice: 'What non-alcoholic beer do I drink?'

Pale ale: Is a fruity, crisp and has a copper colour when poured, pale ales are your session beers. They are on the robust side, but generally don't have an overpowering hoppy flavour.

IPA: India pale ales having something very special about them. There's just that right combination of sweet and hoppy. Like it's cousin, the pale ale, IPAs are bitter and on the hoppier side. Many micro and craft breweries will have seasonal flavors.

Pilsner: Pilsners are an ideal drink for summer, more hops than a lager, but lighter than a pale ale. Generally they don't have too heavy taste of a 'beer' and are on the lighter side. The beer that is most likely not to taste like a beer.

Goser: Pronounced as “goes-uh”, Gose beer is a pale, top-fermenting wheat beer, flavoured with coriander and salt. Gose beer is also referred to as an unfiltered wheat beer made with 50-60% malted wheat, which creates a cloudy yellow colour and provides a refreshing crispness and twang. Gose has a low hop bitterness and a complementary dryness and spice from the use of ground coriander seeds and a sharpness from the addition of salt.

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