Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager Beer

Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager Beer

Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager is crafted in Melbourne and is an alcohol-free craft lager. If you are looking for more flavour in your lager options, and the excitement than that a craft beer offers, this lager should be next on your list to try.

Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager is an easy drinking, full-flavoured but elegant with a light herbal and floral hop aroma, a hint of caramel with peppered spiciness on the palate and a touch of orange at the end. Store and enjoy chilled. Vegan-friendly.

Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager has an unbeatable flavour, is low gluten and low carbohydrate – with the  Lager being a mere 8 carbs and 41 calories per can its worth having a try on a hot summers weekend or in the middle of week.

  • Product Information

    European Beer Challenge: AF Top Fermentation - Double Gold 

    European Beer Challenge: Low Alcohol - Gold

    Big Drop Uptown Craft Lafer has an aroma mix between subtle hops, treacle-like sweetness and a touch of sweet fruits. The first sip is very light and refreshing, it has much more depth than a traditional non-craft lager, which begins with a rich hops flavour and ends with a slight orange bitterness The bittersweet citrus touch makes this a very easy and enjoyable non-alcoholic beer to drink. 

    BIg Drop Uptown Craft Lager will likely appeal to lager drinkers all-round, the sober and those who are moderating their alcohol intake. It is being compared to a light lager for its refreshing experience.


  • Nutrition Facts

    per 100ml: 

    Energy 46kJ 
    Fat 0.2 g
    Protein 0.5 g
    Carbohydrates 2.1g
    - Sugar 0.1 g
    Sodum 0.1 mg
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