Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Beer

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Beer

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is made in Australia, it is a delicious, full of flavour, refreshing beer without the downsides.

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is a NA beer with tropical and citrus aroma and a lingering and unmistakably beery finish.

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is unfiltered, with balanced bitterness and a subtle malt sweetness. So you can have a few drinks in the middle of the week and still perform at your best the next day. Even better, the act of mindful drinking has some serious health benefits, Heaps Normal New Quiet XPA has just 75 calories per can, almost one third that of a regular beer. 

  • Product Information

    Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is a delicious, full of flavour, refreshing beer without the downsides. unfiltered non-alcoholic XPA that carries tropical and citrus aromas. A subtle but noticeable malt sweetness with a well balanced and refreshing bitterness finish.

    76 Calories per

    ServeVegan Friendly and No Preservatives

    Product of Australia

  • Nutrition Facts

    per 100ml: 

    Energy 90kJ / 22 kcal
    Fat <0.2 g
    Protein 0.2 g
    Carbohydrates 5 g
    - Sugar 1.6 g
    Sodum 1.3 mg
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