Maisel's Weisse Alkoholfei 500ml

Maisel's Weisse Alkoholfei 500ml

Maisel brews all its beers to the German beer purity law. Therefore, Weisse Alkoholfrei only contains water, wheat and barley malt, spicy and fruity Hallertau hops and the brewery’s own yeast.

"Beautiful wheat beer nose with banana esters and caramel. Same follows in the flavour with banana and caramel as well as creamy malt notes. Light bodied and well rounded with a refreshing finish. Well executed for an alcohol free beer."

Maisel's Weisse Alkoholfrei is made with only natural ingredients and is vitamin rich, isotonic and with 40% fewer calories. A unique bright red-amber colour with a spicy-fruity flavour impression.

  • Product Information

    The world’s best alcohol-free wheat beer  according to the World Beer Awards competition – is Maisel’s “Weisse Alkoholfrei“.

    Maisels Weisse Alkoholfrei has the appeal because this is an ideal fitness and wellness beverage for the sporting and nutrition-conscious aficionado and it lies in its high vitamin content, valuable minerals and trace elements as well as the fact that it has 50% fewer calories than Maisel’s Weisse Original.

    Maisel's Weisse Alkoholfei is also vegan friendly.

    A balanced bouquet of the most varied fruit fragrances from ripe banana through a light lemon note derived from the special composition of sun-ripened wheat varieties and pale barley malts fermented and matured with our special wheat-beer yeast, is revealed in the initial taste, combining with the typical full wheat-beer flavor in the aftertaste.

  • Nutrition Facts

    per 100ml: 

    Energy 24Kcal
    Fat  0 g
    Protein 0.6 g

    5.2 g

    - Sugar 5.2g
    Sodum 0 g
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