McGuigan Zero Sparkling Wines

McGuigan Zero Sparkling Wines

This bubbly, McGuigan's Sparkling wine has all the great taste of a regular sparkling, just without the alcohol which makes it a great celebration sparkling for the responsible drinkers who still love to make a toast with a flute of the best bubbly... Cheers! Serve McGuigan's Sparkling wine chilled with a fruit/cheese platter, a high tea or made into a non-alcoholic Champagne-style cocktail. 

McGuigan's Sparkling has a wonderful pear and green apple fruity zing that tastes especially delicious, plus you’re making a healthier alcohol-free choice, because, like all the wines in the McGuigan Sparkling is derived from wine grapes with no artificial sweeteners or flavours. Plus it is also lower in calories and contains no added refined sugar.




  • Product Information

    McGuigan's Sparkling Zero has no more than 0.05% residual alcohol remaining in the wine. McGuigan Zero is derived from wine grapes; has no artificial sweeteners or flavours, contains lower calories – alcohol has calories in it; a 250ml glass of 12% alcohol wine can be around 210 calories whilst a 250ml glass of McGuigan Zero Rosé is less than 55 calories*and is gluten free – for those with an intolerance, no gluten products are used in the making of Zero wines.

    McGuigan Sparkling Zero has no refined sugar – the only sugars contained in Zero wines is from the grapes.


  • Nutrition Facts

    Serves per bottle: 5

    per 100ml: 

    Energy 140 KJ 
    Fat <0.2 g
    Protein <0.1 g

    8 g

    - Sugar 6.7 g
    Sodum 52 mg
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